InnovCat is a technology-based spin-off with expertise in catalysis and materials science focus on research & development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative catalysts, functional materials and sustainable technologies for industrial applications.
1. Optimization 2. Flexibility 3. Customization
Catalyst test rigs and mini process plants to develop and optimize catalyst and process technologies. Convert lab scale catalysts through pilot scale trials to full commercial manufacture. Work directly with customers to tailor
their demands.

Research & Development
We bet on research and development to generate distinctive value through new products, new technologies and innovative ways to reduce costs to be competitive in the market. Key Areas:
• Gasification;
• Pyrolysis;
• Lignocellulose feedstocks;
• Sugars to biochemicals;
• Waste fats and oils to biofuels;
• Biochemicals.
Products & Services
  • Catalyst;
  • Process Technology for Biodiesel production from waste (oils and animal fats).
  • Custom Catalyst;
  • Process Technology;
  • Design & Manufacturing
    service for your process.
  • High Performance Catalysts;
  • Absorbents;
  • Technologies for Bioproducts;
  • Advanced biofuel from biomass.
  • Functional Materials
  • Carbon Based Materials
  • Metal Oxides
  • Semiconductors.
  • Solid Acid Catalysts
    (Dehydration & Esterification)
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4475-710 Maia, Portugal
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